Sweet Sleepy Eye

beef stoganoff

Make some homemade crème fraiche to accompany this wonderfully tasty dish.

california Chili

I usually watch one football game each year – the Super bowl. And I really get involved in this one game. Although I choose a team to root for, the winner is not as important to me as a good game. Like everyone else, I am glued to my TV for all of the afternoon glory including commercials & halftime. California chili is great fare for Super bowl Sunday. It is a spicy, meaty dish with tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Because this dish takes time to prepare and I don’t want to miss anything, I often do some of the prep the day before.before.


This is a cowboy chili – mostly beef without any tomatoes or beef. You need at least 4 hours to prepare, but it’s even better if you let sit in the refrigerator overnight.

 flank steak 



This is a sweet and spicy marinade that’s easy to makend a big hit.

This is a wonderful dish to serve with Hot & Spicy Hunan Carrots and Chinese noodles.


This is a one dish meal.  Soy sauce is salty, so add as much as you like.


Enchilada sauce makes this easy ground beef meal even tastier.


Prime Rib is such an expensive cut of meat that I only make it once a year for my Christmas dinner.  On Christmas day, we have lots going on and Prime Rib is one of the easiest meats to make.  I serve it with scalloped potatoes and roasted carrots & shallots .


You can make Steak Diane with Cognac, but I left it out of this recipe.  I serve it with buttered egg noodles.